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                聯系我們CONTACT US
                ABOUT US


                Jinan Metalist Tech Group  Co., Ltd(Jinan New JIER Tech Co., Ltd) is the professional company integrating R&D, manufacturing, engineering, maintenance and modification together, which has two wholly owned subsidiaries: Shandong Metalist Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd and Jinan New JIER Machinery Co., Ltd, and two joint ventures: Jinan New JIER Forging Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jinan New JIER Gude Automation Co., Ltd., as well as Presses Business Unit, Presses Maintenance and Modification Engineering Department, Machine Tool Division and other professional sectors.
                    The company has four production bases in Jinan, Yucheng and Rongcheng. Every production base is equipped with complete technology and excellent equipments, which has casting, hot forging, metal structures, machining, assembly and other integrated manufacturing capabilities, builds perfect quality assurance system and has a variety of reliable detecting means to meet domestic and foreign customers’ requirements for the product quality. It has had the conditions and production capabilities for designing and manufacturing various large-duty and heavy-duty forging machinery products and CNC machine tools. The company has nearly one hundred senior technical personnel engaged in the product R&D works and many technical workers with abundant practical experience for several years, which can provide various high quality products and perfect technical service.

                Jinan Metalist Group is willing to cooperate with customers and friends in domestic and abroad to create a brilliant future.
                Main products and business scope
                1. Straight single-action (one point, double point, four point) mechanical presses with more than 1600 KN nominal pressure
                2. C frame servo presses with more than 2000 KN nominal pressure.
                3. Rapid automated feeding system (Single are or double arms), multi-station servo automatic feeding system (two coordinates or three coordinates), and other automated accessory devices supporting for large duty, heavy duty mechanical presses and stamping production line.

                4. A variety of large duty, heavy duty series forging presses, hot forging presses, and other peripherals.
                5. Large duty, heavy duty CNC gantry milling machine (fixed crossrail or movable crossrail, movable table or movable gantry) with worktable width of 1.4 meter or more.
                6. CNC Floor Type Boring and Milling Machine with boring bar dia of 130-250 mm.
                7. Ram type main milling head with the power of 17-60 KW and right angles, universal, extended and other accessories milling heads; CNC Floor Type Boring and Milling Machine with boring bar diameter of 130-250 mm and other accessories for CNC machine tools.
                8. The electrical control cabinet, electric control console, movable operating button station and other electrical control equipments for a variety of forging equipment and metal cutting (CNC) machine tools.

                9. Maintenance, repair, project maintenance, overhaul, technological modification, installation and commissioning, equipment relocation and other services for various forging equipment and metal cutting (CNC) machine tools.

                10. Various mechanical presses and metal cutting (CNC) machine tools sales, and spare parts sales.
                11. Manufacturing a variety of large duty, heavy duty and small and medium duty metal welded structures, CNC flame cutting, underwater plasma cutting and fine plasma cutting work for various types of ferrous and nonferrous metal sheet.
                12. Thermal aging treatment process for a variety of large duty, heavy duty metal work piece.

                公司地址:山東卐省禹城市高新技術開發區創新街東首 版權所有:手机彩票投注网集團有限公〖司 ICP備案編號: 魯ICP備14021550號-1 技術支持:開創雲