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                聯系我們CONTACT US
                Metalist Heavy Machinery Co.

                Shandong Metalist Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is one modern manufacturer of equipment integrating R&D, manufacturing, engineering, equipment maintenance and modification together. Investing by Jinan New JIER Tech Co., Ltd, Metalist is specialized in producing a variety of large-duty, heavy-duty CNC metal-forming equipments and heavy-duty CNC machine tools, and undertaking the maintenance and modification business for all types of large-duty, heavy-duty mechanical equipments.

                The company is located in high-tech development zone, Yucheng city, 40 kilometers away from the provincial capital-Jinan. Its planning land area covers 250,000 square meters and total construction area is 160,000 square meters. Equipped with complete technology and excellent equipments, the company has abundant metal structures, machining and assembly capabilities, and it has built a perfect quality assurance system and has had a variety of reliable detecting means, which can maximum meet domestic and foreign customers’ requirements for the product quality. It has had the conditions and capabilities for designing and manufacturing various large-duty, heavy-duty forging machinery products and CNC machine tools; At present, the company has produced servo presses and various closed single point, double point, four-point heavy-duty mechanical presses with international advanced level of technology, at the same time, it also produced a variety of medium and high-class CNC floor-typed boring and milling machine.

                The company not only has the advanced engineering and technical personnel who have engaged in the product R&D works for many years in the most famous manufacturing enterprise of heavy-duty forging equipment and CNC machine tools, but also has many advanced technical workers with abundant practical experience for several years, which provide a strong guarantee for the R&D and the manufacturing of various new products.

                We sincerely wish to cooperate with customers and friends in domestic and abroad for creating a brilliant future.

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