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                聯系我們CONTACT US
                地址:中國⌒ 濟南槐蔭區煙臺路西元大廈
                Metalist Machinery Co.

                  Jinan Metalist Machinery Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company belongs to group; Company is located in the state-level scenic spots and the buddhist holy land - lingyan temple tourist area, about 36 kilometers away from the provincial capital-Jinan; The company covers an area of nearly 90000 square meters, the factory building area of 28000 square meters; Existing staff of nearly 300 people, including engineering and technical research and development personnel more than 40 people.

                  Jinan Metalist Machinery Co., Ltd mainly for the domestic and international machine tool and forging equipment, as well as heavy machinery, construction, electric power industries such as design development manufacturing all kinds of heavy and big small and medium-sized metal welded structure, all kinds of forging equipment and gold (nc) machine tool cutting overall protective device and electrical control cabinet, work station, mobile button station, power distribution box cabinets, and machine tool protection, hydraulic pump station, and other products.


                公司地址:山東省禹城市高新技術開發區創@新街東首 版權所有:濟南←邁特力科技集團有限公司 ICP備案編號: 魯ICP備14021550號-1 技術支持:開創雲