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                聯系我們CONTACT US
                CNC Machine Tools Co.

                    Jinan matt force nc machine tool co., LTD is invested by jinan new gill technology co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary, is a collection of r &d, manufacturing, engineering, equipment maintenance, transformation into a modern equipment manufacturing enterprises, mainly engaged in the production of large, heavy nc machine tool design and manufacturing, equipment maintenance and upgrades, etc.

                    Company is currently in jinan pingyin industrial park, hi-tech development zone, such as more investment established factory, planning land area of 300000 square meters, a total construction area of 200000 square meters, now has CNC gantry machining center, CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, CNC vertical lathe, gear shaping machine and other large processing equipment/about 30 sets, planing machine, lathe, grinding machine, milling machine and other small and medium-sized processing equipment/about 50 sets.

                Company is mainly responsible for all kinds of metal-cutting (nc) machine tool product development, manufacturing and marketing, has form a complete set of product research and development, manufacturing, purchasing, host and accessories sales, equipment renovation and other functions. Complete process equipment, well-equipped, quality inspection, monitoring management system; Product technology research and development personnel are in the domestic famous heavy nc machine tool manufacturing company engaged in product technology research and development for many years, senior engineering and technical personnel; And has large, have many years of rich practical experience of senior skilled worker; With manufacturing all kinds of large, the conditions of heavy nc machine tool products and production capacity.

                    Company on the basis of fully draw lessons from foreign advanced technology, attaches great importance to the design and development capability and technical personnel more than 40%, and actively promote with scientific research institutes such as shandong university, shandong university of science and technology cooperation, jointly set up r&d center. Products in precision, stability, reliability, and degree of automation in the domestic leading level, including two sets of numerical control machine tool for science and technology progress prize in shandong mechanical industry "2013", a product audit recognized as "2013 key areas in shandong domestic first (set) major technical equipment projects".

                    Products are widely applied in aerospace, shipbuilding, locomotive, weapons, mold, energy and other key industries.

                公司地址:山東省禹城市臉色頓時變了高新技術開發區創新街東首 版權所有:手机彩票投注网集團有限◥公司 ICP備案編號: 魯ICP備14021550號-1 技術支持:開創雲